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Local company cautions Florida shoppers

Florida insurance company cautions Florida shoppers: identity theft cases expected to increase during the holidays. Read about tips to avoid identity theft and the type of coverage needed to prevent extensive damage.

Ormond Beach, Fla. (Nov. 20, 2012) - Florida is home to the highest per capita rate of identity theft reports in the nation and, as thieves target distracted shoppers, Floridians are even more vulnerable to becoming a victim of identity theft during the holiday season. Security First Insurance, a Florida-based homeowners insurance provider, is taking a proactive approach to help Floridians reduce their risk of identity theft and prevent long-term damage.

As part of launching its identity theft protection coverage, Security First Insurance is using social media, Internet news sites and the company's website to inform Floridians of this threat during the holiday season. Security First Insurance is also using its network of nearly 1,500 insurance agents located throughout the state to provide identity theft prevention material they can share with Florida residents. The company has produced an identity theft video and online identity theft prevention guide that provides information about how thieves steal identities, the type of coverage needed for complete protection, and tips to prevent identity theft, such as looking out for skimming devices.

Different companies offer different levels of identity theft coverage. Coverage may or may not include monitoring services. Without monitoring services, it could take longer before someone is alerted that their identity has been stolen-resulting in unnecessary, long-term, extensive damage to their reputation and credit. Monitoring services provides early warning notification and a person's identity continues to be monitored after the crime to ensure no further identity theft crimes are being committed.

"Identity theft coverage, without monitoring services, doesn't necessarily protect you from a long and difficult recovery," said Locke Burt, chairman and president of Security First Insurance Company. "We specifically chose an identity theft protection offering that provides comprehensive, proactive coverage and includes monitoring services - we want to do our part to give Floridians peace of mind as they shop this holiday season."

A former Senator, Burt sponsored 10 bills involving ID theft and consumer privacy, including legislation that made skimming devices illegal, as well as the creation of Florida's credit card truncation law (requiring businesses to provide consumers with receipts that display only the last four digits of their card, and to omit the card's expiration date). He was named Legislator of the Year in 2001 by the Florida Retail Federation as a result of his efforts to protect consumers.

Security First Insurance's top five tips to avoid identity theft:

  • Obtain identity theft protection and make sure it includes monitoring services. Some companies charge an extra fee for these services.
  • Check your online account balance and transactions frequently.
  • Don't respond to emails, texts, or phone calls with personal information. In 2011, 43 percent of companies used email as the method of contact to reach consumers (http://ftc.gov/sentinel/reports/sentinel-annual-reports/sentinel-cy2011.pdf, page 9).
  • Change your usernames and passwords frequently. Identity thieves are also programmers and they also know the Monday after Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday, is the busiest online shopping day of the year.
  • Look out for skimmers, nearly undetectable devices placed over credit card machines at gas pumps and ATMs. Get cash back in stores to avoid using ATMs.

Security First Insurance is committed to making sure Florida residents are aware of this risk that could impact them and their families for years. The company encourages residents to obtain comprehensive identity theft coverage or review existing coverage to verify if monitoring services are provided.

Floridians who would like more information about Security First Insurance's Identity Theft Coverage should access the company's web site (www.securityfirstflorida.com/idtheft). Click "Find An Agent" to locate a highly qualified, licensed insurance agent who has been selected to sell products for Security First Insurance Company. A free identity theft prevention guide is also available to all Floridians from the website.

For more information visit SecurityFirstFlorida.com/idtheft


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